RamInfo LLC, with more than a decade of dedicated tolling experience, is an expert in providing state-of-the-art back office solutions to the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) industry.

We architect each of our solutions to meet the specific requirements our client tolling authorities, with a focus on more modularize, easy customization, user friendly systems, and maximizing previous infrastructural investments and minimizing future operational costs. Ram Info LLC's "big picture" view is enhanced by hands-on experience in addition to technical expertise; giving us a unique perspective on the day-to-day operational needs of a modern toll system. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that bring flexibility, value and peace of mind.

Ram Info LLC's custom back office systems include:

Customer Service Center
  Violations Processing
  Public-Facing Account Management Web Site
  Toll Audit and Reconciliation
  Administrative Law Court
  Complete Toll Plaza Operations (Toll Collector Shifts and Vault Tracking)
  Automated Coin Machine Vault Operations
  Dispute Resolution



Secure Credit Card Processing
Interfaces with Multiple State’s DMV
Multiple Tolling Agency Interoperability
Social Networking Interfaces
SMS Messaging to Customers
Collections Interfaces
Bank Interfaces
Accounting Software Interfaces
Department of Revenue Interface



License Plate Tolling (Open Road Tolling)-ORT
Traditional Mixed-use ETC Tolling (Manual, ACM, AVI)
Multi-authority Revenue Sharing, Open Systems, Closed Systems, Interagency Interoperability (e.g. CDOT)
Decisions Support using Robust Reporting, Trending
Real-time Traffic Monitoring, Real time reverse traffic alerts
Congestion-based Pricing Tolling Options
Distance-based Pricing Tolling Options
Completely Cashless Tolling
Multi-level Toll Pricing (Discounts for Transponder Holders or other classes or customers)