Ram Info LLC uses a data-centric approach to delivering products and solutions. Our systems are designed to track the life-cycle of every transactional element from inception to final disposition with an emphasis on accuracy and system performance. At the core of every Ram Info LLC solution is a data architecture designed to allow tracking of every toll transaction to its destination account (customer or violator) and giving full visibility as to their interrelationship and having a reconciliation accuracy rate of 99.9%. We customize our application suite to meet the needs of the client tolling authority. Our entire system is modular, allowing you to add as many or as few modules as necessary to meet your needs, and to easily expand your functionality and capabilities at any time. Our superior software development methodology allows us to deliver custom solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The CSC application uses state-of-the-art, multi-tier client/server architecture in conjunction with web-based and rich-client user interfaces. We specialize in using Microsoft technologies throughout our application suite. The CSC supports all customer service functions related to walk-in, back office and call center facilities.

We integrate with commonly used video capture, optical character recognition (OCR), and vehicle recognition systems to identify and track violations. Our sophisticated image review process is designed for high throughput while minimizing operator error. By using enhanced matching techniques to group multiple violations to a single violator account we are better able to manage violators (particularly frequent violators). Intelligent data storage and retrieval systems allow critical violation data, including images, to be available online throughout the violation life-cycle. Our solutions include integration with DMV's, collection agencies, administrative law courts and municipal courts.

Our public Web site allows customers and violators easy, secure access to common functions:
Account management
New account creation
Violation notice payments
Violation notice Disputes (with upload capability of supporting documentation)
Wherever possible, all updates are processed in real-time and the resulting changes are made visible to the customer instantaneously

Our Web sites support the most popular browsers in use today (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).

Our Toll Audit module audits both Toll Collectors and ACM Vaults. It contains a built-in system health check monitor that the auditor can view to see if there were any lane health issues or alarms before, during, or after a lane transaction that may have contributed to a false reading in the lane, thus giving the auditor extra insight into what the “true” status was at the lane and the true amount that should have been collected.

The Administrative Law Court (ALC) module is designed so that it can be deployed in-house at the tolling authority location or at an off-site location. This robust module is flexible enough to handle a single court clerk and judge or multiple clerks and multiple judges. It can handle dockets with and without violators who show up for “their day in court”.

Expect smooth plaza operations when you use our Complete Toll Plaza Operations Module. This software module handles all aspects of Plaza operations:
Master Bank
Tour Funds
Shift Deposits (Toll Collector)
Shift Deposits (ACM Vaults)
Armored Truck Pick Ups
Vault tracking
Mid-shift deposits

Automated Coin Machine operations can be tricky but our module makes it less so since we provide a plethora of tracking reports that give you an excellent picture of what is going on at each ACM location, thus allowing you to stay on top of trouble before it happens. Dispute Resolution
One of the most important facets of good customer relations is giving the violator a voice. There are some legitimate reasons why a violator should not have to pay a violation notice; however, you should not have to tie up your Customer Service Reps phone time to resolve these disputes. With our Dispute Resolution module of the Public-facing Web site, the violator simply enters the Dispute module, locates their violation notice(s), makes a Dispute Request and uploads their supporting documentation and receives a confirmation number. Within x days (configurable), they receive affirmation or denial of their Dispute request.

Business-to-business communication is critical to any successful back-office solution. Our solutions are architected to integrate with multiple external resource providers, such as:
Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) look-ups
Credit Card Processing
Collection Agencies
Out-Sourced Document Printing
United States Postal Service
Social Networking sites such as: FaceBook, Twitter